Republicans ignore 20% support, press for ouster of monarchy after Queen’s death

April 26, 2016

According to the Guardian:

Republic’s chief executive, Graham Smith, suggested that, when it happens, the Queen’s death will mark a turning point in public attitudes.

…“that will be an opportunity…for us to…say, ‘…we want to have a vote.’ Then if we have that vote, it can’t just be, ‘Do you want Charles?’ It has to be ‘Which person do you want?’ and it has to be a free and fair election.”

Smith said there were plenty of reasons for the European republican movement to be optimistic even if opinion polls showed that only about 20% of the UK population backed the idea.

To read the entire article in the Guardian, please click here.

Courtesy of BBC:

In pictures: Queen Elizabeth II at 90 in 90 images


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