The fight based on discernment of the Revolution and the Counter-Revolution is a continuous battle and a refinement of the Crusades

August 4, 2016

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

frame and book

Either every man is watching everything or, since the devil billets himself in the smallest things in order to damn souls through the meaning of things rather than the meaning of books, it so happens that one needs to pay as much attention to a painting’s frame as to a book, in order to see if its influence is good or evil. And this has all the value of a man’s life, but enriched by this fact: that he fought like a Crusader in a life that, given the existence of the Revolution, made him more of a Crusader than many. In other words, at a moment when the Crusades had decayed and the Crusading spirit had disappeared, the few men with the Crusading spirit who remained on earth became more necessary than ever; and, more than ever, life took on the character of a Crusade. And the Reign of Mary will be an enormous Crusade and not a time of peace; for the whole rabble will always reappear, seeking to rise again in the form of sluggish or soft ‘good people’.

listening to temptation

Well, this is something that is going to require a battle at every hour, at every minute; and if the individual does not wage it, not only will he leave an adversary hiding behind a stone in God’s territory with a machine gun in hand: he will actually tie himself to the barrel of that machine gun; because he, who slacked off in combat, will be cut down by that machine gun before anyone else.US_ARMY Korea, 1953

So life will be a battle at every moment and in every way, to such a point that one can ask whether this is not inhuman and impracticable.

A knight's glove, also called a gauntlet.

A knight’s glove, also called a gauntlet.

It is practicable.

…[One] understands and enjoys some things and becomes furious at others. This makes one’s life full of warrior delights and tough and difficult battles, and these warrior delights make life, though very hard, entirely bearable.

When the warrior dies, Roland dies. An archangel comes and takes his glove to present it to God. This would be a summary of this outlook on life.


(Excerpt from a Jantar, Monday, March 5, 1990 – translation)




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