The 21st century knight needs to be extremely vigilant

April 27, 2017

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

K-Dog, a Bottlenose dolphin belonging to Commander Task Unit, leaps out of the water in front of Sgt. Andrew Garrett while training near the USS Gunston Hall in the Persian Gulf. K-Dog, is on a mineclearance operation, with a “pinger” device attached to the dolphin’s pectoral fin.

The 21st century knight must be attentive and suspicious in the smallest things: Suspicious even in the apex of victory. It will appear as if the Revolution had such a defeat that there is no point even thinking about a Counter-Revolution; the optimists will lie down and rest. The day the first optimist lies down to rest, the Revolution will be able to stick its head out again. That’s the way it is.

So what’s the end result? What will the 21st knights have to be? They will have to be the men dedicated to this task par excellence.

Two Marines of the 26th Marines probe for enemy mines buried in a rice paddy dike, 13 miles southwest of Da Nang.

We cannot imagine that a whole country will dedicate itself to this task except if there are a handful of men who are so excellent at it that they set the example to all others. And we should be these men!


(Excerpt from a Tea, Monday, Sept. 11, 1989 – translation)

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