Without something beyond chivalry, the Revolution will rise again

May 25, 2017

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

[If] after the Revolution is defeated, in the Reign of Mary, the responsibility of a TFP household should be upon the shoulder of one of you, do you feel capable of having all the necessary perspicacity, discernment and intransigence?

I fear very much that you don’t. But how can it all go ahead, then?

I know the answer: “Well, we will count on Dr. Plinio’s support.” Make no mistake. Dr. Plinio will die. If souls are not very much in order, the day Dr. Plinio dies many people will feel relieved. Have no illusion. They will feel relieved. And then, what comes next? The Revolution, obviously!

Now, are we prepared for this? Until what points are we knights? This is a question one cannot fail to ask in the seriousness of our conscience.

Now, if one likes to laugh, play, and loaf around and is not a serious person, what will be the end result? It can only be ruin!

Se we must ask Our Lady that we may have this elevated spirit of chivalry, which is beyond chivalry! For sure it is a chivalry of the body, but it is much more a chivalry of the spirit.

(Excerpt from a Tea, Monday, Sept. 11, 1989 – Nobility.org translation)

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