Luxembourg’s Grand Duke Henri commemorates 200 years of dynasty

July 13, 2017

According to the Luxemburger Wort:

200 years ago Adolphe, the Duke of Nassau, who became the Grand Duke of Luxembourg in 1890, was born.

To commemorate the occasion, current Grand Duke Henri was invited to the town of Biebrich near Wiesbaden in Germany, on the banks of the River Rhine.

He took part in the ceremony celebrating the Duke Adolphe of Nassau-Weilburg’s birth on July 24, 1817, at the castle of Biebrich…

The Grand Duke laid a wreath of flowers at the Nassau National Monument, which was inaugurated in 1909 in the presence of Princesses Marie-Adélaïde and Charlotte, the grandchildren of Duke Adolphe of Nassau.

To read the entire article in the Luxemburger Wort, please click here.

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