With chaos, the hour of heroism and the possibility of shedding our blood as martyrs or crusaders draws closer

November 2, 2017

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

The hour of chaos brings on the hour of hopes that are fulfilled. It is the hour of predictions that are confirmed but also the hour of the holocaust that knocks on our door! It is the hour of heroism, complete dedication; the hour we inch toward the eventual shedding of our blood as martyrs or crusaders with a greater joy and enthusiasm than pagans join the parties they organize.

We know that our number is small. We also know that Our Lady at every moment adds to that small number. But we are also aware that however much that number may grow we will still be a small handful facing the huge avalanche of enemies before us.

They are all seemingly disunited but in fact are united among themselves; even those we should imagine would be most disunited with them and united with us, are united with them.

(Excerpt from a Ceremony, Sunday, Nov. 19, 1989 – Nobility.org translation)




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