Egalitarianism and God’s Order for the Universe

June 14, 2018

by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

In previous lectures, I considered the problem of equality in two very distinct parts:

1) There is an egalitarian Revolution in the universe, which aims to establish equality as an ideal, that is to say, equality for the sake of equality must be attained, and inequality for inequality’s sake must be rejected.

Graffiti promoting equality, in Madrid, Spain, reads “todos somos iguales” (English: “we are all equal”). Photo by Daniel Lobo.

2) In the second part, moving on to the terrain of facts, I showed how in creation, variety and inequality are elements, established by God so that the universe might better resemble Him.

God organized the universe in three very different categories, which are:

1) The angels, pure spirits;

2) Mankind, spirit and matter;

3) And purely material beings.

I showed how God established an enormous number of other categories in each of these primary categories.

After having shown that God did this, I went on to show why God did it. And after having shown the functional reason for this, I gave the philosophical and theological reason for it. Why did God create unequal beings? Why did God create various beings?

We concluded that if God did it this way, it is because variety and inequality are necessary in order that creation might more perfectly mirror His perfections.

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