Light That Is Maternal

January 2, 2020

Stained glass is made in order to give man as if the impression that he has opened a hole in the stone and is seeing gazing upon God.

The clarity of stained glass is a clarity that has been as if purified, a recollected clarity that is like a sister or mother to the soul, in which the soul feels well treated and at its ease to place itself at a distance within its own respective prism and to gaze upon all things thus. [In the clarity of stained glass, the soul] is not reduced to the concrete brutality which common light imposes.

The light of a stained glass window is like a maternal embrace which envelops my soul and says:

“My son, be yourself now; distance yourself from all things and look upon them in the light of yourself. This light proper to yourself is not the light of your egoism, it is the light of your innocence.”

God established mysterious and admirable relations between certain forms, colors, sounds, perfumes, flavors, and certain states of soul.

O Universo é uma Catedral: Excertos do pensamento de Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira recolhidos por Leo Daniele, Edições Brasil de Amanhã, São Paulo, 1997.



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