With Uncovered Head

April 9, 2020

Fig. 2 Nikolaus Glockendon, Corpus Christi Procession, Missale Hallense of Albrecht of Brandenburg, 1524, Aschaffenburg, Hofbibliothek, Ms. 10, fol. 193v.

Whilst the Lutheran heresy was spreading its ravages throughout Germany, Charles V., of Spain, hastened to Augsburg to assist at the diet convened there to stem the pernicious influence of this heresy. The feast of Corpus Christi fell at that time. It was celebrated with every possible pomp and magnificence; the Emperor Charles assisted thereat with the most edifying devotion. At the procession, the Prince Bishop of Mayence carried the Most Adorable Sacrament, being supported on the right by Ferdinand, the Roman King— on the left by Joachim, Elector of Brandenburg. The canopy was borne by six princes, namely, Louis, Duke of Bavaria; the son of the Elector of Brandenburg; George, Duke of Pomerania; Philip, Count Palatine of Mecklenburg; Henry, Duke of Brunswick, and the Duke of Mecklenburg. When these six princes had carried it as far as the Chapel on Mount Berlach, six others took it and carried it to a place called the Holy Cross, whence six others bore it to the Cathedral. The Emperor Charles, torch in hand, on foot and with uncovered head, accompanied by several Archbishops, Bishops, and many persons of high rank, followed the procession during the whole route.

The Blessed Eucharist, our greatest treasure by Müller, Michael, 1825-1899, Pgs. 37-38

Short Stories on Honor, Chivalry, and the World of Nobility—no. 721


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