Petition to Save Our Beloved Statue of St. Louis

August 11, 2020

Sign Here to Save Our Beloved Statue of St. Louis

Sign the Petition!

A historic Catholic saint is under attack here in the United States. Radical activists are circulating a petition to the mayor of St. Louis to remove the statue of Saint Louis IX in Missouri.

This is outrageous!

The statue has been there since 1906 and is an essential part of the identity and history of St. Louis, Missouri.

This is an attack on Catholicism, for St. Louis was a good and just king, raised to the glory of the altar by the Catholic Church for his courageous virtue.

Sign Here and Voice Your Protest to the Mayor of St. Louis!

But that’s not enough for them. Many are even calling for the changing of the name of the city! They are trying to erase history.

Saint Louis was a king beloved by his people he ruled over in France. He was truly a virtuous leader who is a fitting role model for all Catholics.

What did this Saint do to incur the wrath of those wanting to see his statue removed and the city named after him changed?

He was a Saint, a Catholic, and a representative of Christian civilization.

Now, we must defend Christian civilization.

Save the statue of Saint Louis!


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