Thibault V, King of Navarre, Stops Writing Love Songs and Composes New Ones Urging Men to Join the Sixth Crusade

October 1, 2020

Count Theobald I of Navarre

Thibault V, count of Champagne and king of Navarre, son of Thibault, who died before the fifth crusade, undertook to discharge the vow his father had made to the Church and to Christ. The king of Navarre was celebrated among knights and among troubadours; his muse, which had sung profane loves, now gave voice to the complaints of Jerusalem, and awakened, by Christian songs, the ardor of the soldiers of the cross. “Learn,” said he, “that heaven is closed to all those who will not cross the seas to visit and defend the tomb of God. Yes, all the brave, all who love God and glory, will not hesitate to take up the cross and arms.

Count Theobald I of Navarre

Those who prefer repose to honor, those who dread perils, will remain alone in their homes. Jesus Christ, in the day of judgment, will say to the one party: ‘You, who helped me to bear my cross, go to the place in which dwell the angels and my mother Mary;’ he will say to the others: ‘You, who have not succored me, descend to the abode of the wicked.’” The example and the exhortations of Thibault attracted princes, barons, and knights from all the provinces of France.


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Short Stories on Honor, Chivalry, and the World of Nobility—no. 746



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