August 11 – Martyred with a rusty and ragged knife

August 8, 2022

Blessed John Sandys

His death sentence, which was to be hung, drawn and quartered.

English martyr, born in the Diocese of Chester; executed at Gloucester, 11 August, 1586. He arrived at Reims 4 June, 1583, was ordained priest in the Holy Cross Chapel of Reims Cathedral by the Cardinal Archbishop, Louis de Guise, and was sent on the mission 2 October, 1584. He was cut down while fully conscious and had a terrible struggle with the executioner, who had blackened his face to avoid recognition and used a rusty and ragged knife; but his last words were a prayer for his persecutors.

John B. Wainewright (Catholic Encyclopedia)

[Note: He was beatified in 1987.]

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