Relationship of Aseity and Impurity

March 23, 2023


Donna Gottschalk, a lesbian, at Christopher Street Gay Liberation Day parade in 1970.

In the famous and never sufficiently discussed subject of chastity, a great number of souls practice impurity because, as children, they did not have the courage to oppose the dominant opinion and affirm that impurity is evil. The principle thus dies in their souls and they end up surrendering themselves to impurity. This is a lack of aseity. If they had had the courage to defend good position, they would have had the courage to practice virtue.

A prayerful protest in front of the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania abortion facility.

The great art of revolutionary forces is precisely to exploit the movements of the soul—comprised of passions and defects—and then gradually to lead the person to perdition. With this method, souls surrender lazily.

The people carried signs against Planned Parenthood in front of their offices on 7th Ave., New York City.

The foundation of this method is a lack of aseity. The surrender to a collective whole, caused by pride and laziness, leads the followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ to a state of conformity with a world opposed to what He came to teach. He came to bring the sword and fire, not a false peace.

If we want to deepen our counter-revolutionary formation, we should make a special effort to practice our aseity. It is a wholly different aspect of spiritual life to be fostered. It is of the utmost importance, especially for our days in which, more than ever before, this tyranny of the masses is overwhelming.

Men with real opinions will find it hard to persevere, not so much because of persecution, fear, etc., but because of the factor of collective pressure which no man will be able to escape; because the great sins, the great errors, the great blunders are made when aseity gives in and this collective pressure triumphs. Therefore, this is a concept that might add something new to the reasons for our spiritual problems.

The Christian Institution of the Family: A Dynamic Force to Regenerate Society, by Tradition, Family, Property Association. Pgs. 60-61.



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