Laziness, Pride, and Public Opinion

March 16, 2023


“which an individual does not want to make the effort to enter into conflict with everyone else”

The capital sin of laziness is the cause of every lack of aseity. It produces a kind of softness by which an individual does not want to make the effort to enter into conflict with everyone else. Much to the contrary, a noble spirit, an individual with aseity, ascertains the truth and rejects the lies of the masses. “I perceive the truth,” he declares, “and I cannot stand your false statements. I will proclaim the truth, whatever the consequences. I will do what must be done. I stand against everything and everyone, no matter what may happen!”

This attitude requires nobility and greatness of soul. The individual must love truth to such a point that to remain silent when it is denied becomes unbearable. If he is too lazy to fight (not only against others, but especially against himself), he will be too lazy to define himself as he faces those things. He will do everything incompletely. He will not define himself outwardly or inwardly and will roll into the abyss of that lack of aseity, subjecting himself to the dominating masses.

Traditional Marriage, Pro-Life, Protesting Socialist Health Care Mandates and various Blasphemous plays and “art work”. Rosary Rallies across this country….this is our Crusade.

Thus is born the spirit of the mass. The capital vice of laziness (always linked to pride) presides over this spirit. The individual who does not understand that life has no meaning if he does not serve the cause of the Church, good, and truth searches for the pleasure of life. He is motivated by pride. He considers life with the following rationale: “Life was granted to me to enjoy and I do not have to be so faithful to truth or good when they prevent me from enjoying life.” Later, when he must fight, he feels too lazy to engage in it. The result of the combination of pride and laziness is the moral devastation of our society today.

The Christian Institution of the Family: A Dynamic Force to Regenerate Society, by Tradition, Family, Property Association. Pgs. 59-60.



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