London Housing Authority: Evict Royals

November 7, 2013

According to the London Evening Standard:

Photo of Tom Copley by EasternSea

Photo of Tom Copley by EasternSea

Buckingham Palace should be turned into council flats, Labour’s London housing spokesman has suggested.

Tom Copley’s controversial call to evict the Queen from her landmark residence was made at the annual Class conference held in London.

His speech, made as Labour’s housing spokesman on the London Assembly, came days after he launched an outspoken attack in his blog on “stomach churning” tributes on the birth of Prince George.

But Tory vice-chairman Bob Neill branded his call to confiscate the Palace “mean-spirited and vindictive”.

Photo of Queen Elizabeth II at Kew Gardens by Edgley Cesar

Photo of Queen Elizabeth II by Edgley Cesar

To read the entire article in the London Evening Standard, please click here.

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