Republican Movement Admits Low Numbers and International Scope

November 7, 2013

According to The Guardian:

Photo of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Launch of the Royal Yacht Britannia by andrewwragg

Photo by andrewwragg of the Launch of the Royal Yacht Britannia during the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

Opinion polling consistently shows that 20-25% of the British people want a democratic alternative to hereditary monarchy….

“When mild criticism of our hereditary monarchy provokes such a storm in the media, it’s no wonder that politicians tend to avoid straying into the debate. But we shouldn’t be cowed. On Saturday I spoke at the annual general meeting of Republic, the organisation that campaigns for an elected head of state, where we also heard from other European republican movements.”

(Tom Copley is a London Assembly member and City Hall Labour housing spokesperson)

To read the entire article in The Guardian, please click here.

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