The Holy Priest Montegazon

November 13, 2014

During the terrible Revolution that undermined the kingdom of France at the end of last century, a certain holy priest, named Montegazon, was driven from his home by the insurgents, and compelled to flee from village to village. But, faithful to his mission as a priest wherever he went, he gave the consolations of religion to the scattered people, even at the risk of his life.

a priest by Vincent J.Baptiste Chevilliard After days and nights of fatigue, he heard that the enemy was following him to seize him and put him to death. On hearing this, he fled into the mountains, where for some time he wandered about, till at length, overcome with weariness, he sank down on the ground.

A Southern France or Spain, 15th century.Pyx bearing the inscription “Benedictus Qui Venit In Nomine Domini”

A Pyx from Southern France or Spain from the 15th century. bearing the inscription “Benedictus Qui Venit In Nomine Domini”.

“O my God!” he cried out, “I cannot go a step farther.” Then, taking the pyx which he carried, containing the sacred Host, he placed it on his breast, saying : “O Jesus, my beloved Master, I have for many days carefully watched over Thee; I beseech Thee now to take care of me, and preserve me from falling into the hands of my enemies.”

French Revolutionary soldiersSaying these words, he fell asleep in peace, and with the sweet confidence that Jesus would watch over him. Now, it happened that the soldiers, who were in pursuit, came up to the place where he was lying, but they passed by without seeing him. God thus rewarded the childlike confidence of His servant.


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