The very rich moral significance of simple household objects

September 14, 2023

The very rich moral significance of simple household objects number of beings in which all the perfections are distributed. The beauty in this latter is much greater.

For this reason God created the world with very diversified perfections. The rule of diversification is in the variety. This multiplicity forms a picture of the whole. And in this reduction of the multiplicity to a picture of the whole, is affirmed once more the unity within the variety.

On the other hand, when the variety is very rich we reach the point of constructing a kind of symmetry and of opposition. Let us say, for example, an edifice which contains a great variety of shapes. Fitting together within a certain symmetry the extreme opposite parts correspond to one another and the edifice acquires grandeur and majesty. If we were to take the organization of temporal society and imagine a society set up in the temporal plane, as it would have been in the medieval society, we would have an infinity of families, the noble class, the ecclesiastical class, and above all the king; and if we were to consider the spiritual society, the Catholic Church, with all of its orders, we could imagine at the very summit of these two organizations, symmetrical to each other, the Pope and the emperor hovering over these two orders. We could consider further the affinity between the Pope and the emperor, with a preeminence for the Pope, who is kind of head of the pyramid, under whose splendor lives all the flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

So we understand the magnificent beauty of this organization, wrapped in the diversity of a marvelous hierarchy.

“Catolicismo”, ACC. N. 108, December 1959.


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